Edition Offers

Beginning in 2014, I’ll be starting a series of time-based editions. These aren’t limited editions in terms of whether or not the print will ever be offered again, but are limited in terms of when I offer them. The idea is that I’ll take orders for a small selection of images for a limited time (say, 1-2 weeks) and then, when orders close, produce all the prints at once and ship by a set time.

This provides some economies of scale for me—letting me offer you a price that’s less than my normal commissioned print price—and give you a timeframe in which to receive a print. It’s a win-win all around!

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Commissioned Prints

I’m quite pleased to offer you the opportunity to purchase a custom print of almost any of my photographs. These are commissioned prints made in my own studio using museum-quality materials and processes and can be shipped to practically anywhere in the world .

Each finished print is signed and is accompanied by a written description of the photograph as well as any interesting details that I think you might want to know. Prints can be shipped as-is or pre-framed.

Because each image is different in terms of how large it can be printed  for a particular use as well as what kinds of paper it will look best on, the first step is for me to ask a few questions and then we can go from there.


The final cost of each custom print will vary depending on materials used, whether you’d like me frame it or take care of that yourself, and shipping. That said, here are a few guidelines for prints made on top-quality papers:

  • Small prints (around 8x10" or A4) start at $125
  • Medium prints (around 12x15" or A3) start at $250
  • Large prints (around 16x22" or A2) start at $500

Of course, there’s absolutely no obligation to make an inquiry.

Step 1 

Name *
Please indicate by describing or including a URL to the photograph you are interested in acquiring a print of
How big a print are you looking for? Where are you going to display it? What kind of frame are you considering or would you like me to help you with that?
Anything else I should know about or any special requests?

Next steps

After we sort out which photograph to print for you and what size and materials, I’ll be able to give you an expected time frame in which I can complete the work. This time frame will be dependent on many factors, including my current travel schedule.

After the details are settled, I’ll send an invoice which you’ll be able to pay via major credit card (the traditional way), through Square Cash (in the United States), or pretty much any other sane payment mechanism that fits both of our needs. Once you you accept the details and make payment, I’ll start in on the work and deliver your print according to our discussion.


While I can make prints of almost any of my photographs for you, there are a few images that I may not be able to honor your request for. This includes any prints I’ve made as a specific special edition, such as my limited edition black and white iPhone print offered in 2011.