A new gig

June 20, 2018

After four years of working on to-dos, tasks, and lists of various sorts, I’m changing jobs. I’m joining the Microsoft ScaleUp program as a CTO in Residence. Even better, I’ll be working with Chad Fowler again.

What does “CTO in Residence” mean? Good question. The most defined part of my job will be to act as a “CTO on loan” for startups that are in Microsoft’s ScaleUp program in Europe and around the world. I’ll have peers in London, Beijing, Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Bangalore, Sydney, and Seattle, each of whom works with startups in their general area. Not only will this role let me reconnect with the world of startups in a big way, but I’ll also be a lot closer to parts of the company that have been embracing Open Source in a big way to implement Microsoft’s “Intelligent Cloud + Intelligent Edge” vision.

This transition also marks three years at Microsoft for me. Given history, that’s something that’s still really strange for me to contemplate. But it’s working well so far, and the kinds of changes that make Microsoft plausibly a good home for GitHub are the same ones that keep me interested in sticking around. It’s weird, but exciting!