Sunday, June 21, 2020

Random solstice bits

😷 In a move I’d like to see everywhere right now, California is now requiring everyone to wear a face mask in public. ”Simply put, we are seeing too many people with faces uncovered — putting at risk the real progress we have made in fighting the disease.” says Governor Gavin Newsom. I’m glad to see that not everyone in America hasn’t quite given up the fight, even though it certainly feels that the country overall has.

🤮 President Trump thinks that testing is overrated.

🔐 For every tweet against the lockdown, there have been twenty in favor according to a study of 6.5 million #coronavirus tweets.

✱ John and Melissa Nightingale point out that there’s a huge asterisk hanging over every conversation. “You see it? That asterisk*? You can hear it in their voices. You might be able to hear it in your own.” Yep. I can hear it everytime I say that things are alright, for some definition of alright.

🦠 Fresh research from Wuhan suggests that not everyone that has been infected produces antibodies. There’s a lot to understand about how the virus works and how immunity might be acheived, but this certainly isn’t hopeful news for any kind of immunity certificate scheme in the near future.

⚡️ From the department of better news, California, Oregon, and Washington have announced an initiative to put charging stations for trucks every 50 miles along I-5 all the way from Mexico to Canada.

🔌 The ElevationHub for MacBook USB-C power adapters looks like a nice way to manage power cords and adapters together — something that Apple ditched when they went to USB-C. Don’t get me wrong. I’m bullish on USB-C, and really appreciate that the cord is no longer fused to the power brick since it’ll wear out long before the charger does. But, looks useful.