Friday, July 3, 2020

Quiet Friday

🤫 It’s a quiet Friday workday for me here in Europe thanks to the fact that all of my colleagues in the States are off on vacation today. One of the things about expat life that continues to be strange is that the pace of vacation days is different. Of course, vacation days this year are stranger still.

🛫 Evidently going a bit stir-crazy from not flying long-haul over the ocean anymore, some of my colleagues in Australia are considering taking one of the Quantus 747 farewell flights this month.

🔐 One of the Internet’s gems is Have I Been Pwned, and I really enjoyed reading TechCrunch’s interview with Troy Hunt about it. And yes, I’m both a subscriber to the service as well as an occasional donator.

🕸 I spent some time today consolidating Azure CDN rules and ZeroSSL certificates for this site, finally getting everything for my website settled fully into Azure. Who am I kidding, nothing is ever truly settled with a website. But it’s good, hands-on practice with the tools that I’m helping startups out with.

🍻 Enjoy the weekend!