Duncan Davidson
Monday, July 13, 2020


Flamingos and photographers at Tierpark in Berlin

☀️ Happy Monday! Team Davidson spent part of our weekend at Tierpark Berlin, Europe’s biggest animal park. We’ve found it to be a much nicer place to spend time than the zoo, and in these Corona times, we can take advantage of all the space to keep our social distancing up. The only hard thing is to keep Mr. 4 away from the crowded playground.

💼 In a distributed organization, ”every single employee can have a corner office”, says Matt Mullenweg. Matt’s been leading Automattic as a distributed company for 15 years.

♻️ Did you know that BP first promoted and popularized the term “carbon footprint” in the early aughts? As useful as the concept is, it serves a strategy to put as much of the blame as possible on consumers even though they don’t have control over their choices.

🦠 Not the kind of news we want to see: Immunity to COVID-19 may be lost in months. “People are producing a reasonable antibody response to the virus, but it’s waning over a short period” said Dr Katie Doores at King’s College London.

📷 I mentioned the Canon R5 yesterday, but if you’re a Sony video shooter, don’t worry. The Sony A7SIII is on the horizon and, notably, won’t have any video time limits on recording — either from heat or from tax restrictions. I personally hope they don’t try to take on Canon’s 8K video resolution, leave the sensor resolution as is, and just focus on high 4K frame rates and high ISO performance.

💩 Mr. 4 has started FaceTiming me from his iPad and thinks it’s great fun. Today, he called me from the bathroom and said: “Daddy! I finished my game! And I pooped!” The future has arrived.