Duncan Davidson
Thursday, July 16, 2020

Thursday’s Bites

S-bahn and regional train tracks near Gesundbrunnen, Berlin

🚶‍♂️ On my daily walks lately, my eye has been turning towards views that are urban and have the mark of people, but without the people themselves. It’s kind of a dark dystopian thing, but that’s the time we live in right now.

🐦 Twitter’s blue checkmark hack is terrifying. Admin tools, by definition, give too much access and are tempting targets to attack because of that, but it sounds like Twitter’s going to need to do a pretty big revamp of how they implement the principle of least privilege in their admin tools.

🔒 If you leverage Twitter as an identity provider to log into other services, I think right now is a good time to re-evaluate that decision.

💸 My eyes popped when I saw that TikTok has agreed to buy more than $800 million in cloud services from Google Cloud over three years. Holy smokes, I can’t help but think that something could be more efficient in their codebase.

😍 I am excited about Matt Aimonetti joining Microsoft. He’s joining a different team than mine, but I am looking forward to talking with him about how we can improve how Microsoft helps out startups.

☕️ I thought I’d satisfied my inner coffee nerd living in Portland for all those years, but no. Oren sent me down a rabbit-hole by mentioning the Decent Espresso machine. Uh oh. That might be the new toy for this fall when the days get short again.

👋 Stay safe out there. Wear a mask and review how you structure your identity online.