Duncan Davidson
Saturday, July 18, 2020


Feb 20th at the Louvre in Paris

😱 In late February, Katerina and I went to Paris for a quick trip to celebrate her birthday and to catch the da Vinci exhibit at the Louvre before it closed. We were starting to try to social distance for most of the trip, but the Louvre was packed and both of us weren’t really comfortable. Looking back at the pictures I took of the crowded hall makes me downright nervous now.

🛳 In six weeks, Scott Galloway writes, the equivalent of over 2800 cruise ships with whiteboards and a young population will set sail in the middle of a raging pandemic. I have to say, if my kid was college age, I’d be doing everything in my power to encourage them to stay home this year.

🚀 We often talk about product market fit for startups as a binary thing. Either you have it or you don’t. But that’s not quite right. Richard Purcell argues that the right question to ask is “What’s the strength of a company’s product market fit?

🛫 British Airlines is the latest airline to completely retire the 747 from their fleet, moving up the planned retirement date from 2024 due to economic effects of COVID-19.

🔌 Volkswagen has stopped producing internal combustion vehicles at one of its biggest factories in Germany and is retooling it for electric vehicle production. They’re really trying to put dieselgate in the rear view mirror, aren’t they?