Duncan Davidson
Friday, July 24, 2020

Six for Friday

📲 Are my days of dual carrying mobile devices about to start again? Looks like the Microsoft Surface Duo device is getting ready to launch. I’m really curious to see what it’ll feel like in hand.

📢 The Cascadia Code font now has multiple weights, as announced by Kayla in the Windows Terminal blog. I use it as my code font on Mac OS X via Homebrew.

📸 The AP is going to equip all of its visual journalists with Sony gear. That’s pretty massive, but and makes sense to be able to have all of their photojournalists using the same basic kit based around the E-mount, from stills to video.

😱 During the flights we took on Wednesday, I saw one person wearing a chef’s transparent saliva shield. Technically, I guess it is a covering of the nose and mouth, but I think the person was seriously missing the point.

😷 Delta has already banned 100 people for refusing to wear a mask. Delta CEO Ed Bastian: "If you board the plane and insist on not wearing a mask, we insist that you do not fly Delta into the future.“ That’s an airline policy I can support 100%.

👨‍⚕️ I can’t imagine how Antony Fauci manages to keep going to work day after day. This quote from Fauci’s interview with New York Times Opinion writer Jennifer Senior is downright depressing: "But Jennifer, would you want me to say something that’s directly contrary to what the president is doing? That’s not helpful. Then all of a sudden you don’t hear from me for a while.” I couldn’t do it, myself.