Duncan Davidson
Tuesday, July 28, 2020
A local tavern in Nauossa. Amazing, the food was

👩‍🚀 Working while socially distancing in Greece is about the same as it in Germany. Too many calls on Teams. Lots of juggling coworkers’ hours with family hours. People who don’t want to wear masks indoors, so staying home is still the best option most of the time. But the food. The food is really great. And eating outside this time of year is de rigor.

🦠 We thought it was just a respiratory virus, but we were wrong, say Ariel Blecher and Katherine Conrad in the UCSF Magazine. And, it may be that our own immune systems are responsible for the worst of the damage it can cause.

🔔 Apple Maps is now sending notifications to international travelers. I didn’t get one of these last week when we traveled from Germany to Greece, but I did get three different SMS messages from a Greek number saying ”Welcome to Greece. Because of COVID-19 random testing my apply upon your arrival and you may need to self-quarantine.”

🏠 Looks like Google is planning to work from home until at least summer. I’m not surprised. Even if we do get a workable treatment or vaccine this year, the deployment of such will take a while to make a meaningful impact on the risk equation.

⚛️ From the department of cool stuff that my employer is doing, Microsoft used a 250 kilowatt-hour hydrogen fuel cell system to power a portion of a datacenter for 48 hours. Next up: a 3 megawatt system.

🖥 Git 2.28.0 has arrived, with a new init.defaultBranch option for changing the default git branch name from master to something else, like main. Soon, all the repos I own will have main as their primary branch.