Duncan Davidson
Monday, August 31, 2020
On approach to Berlin Tegel (TXL)

🛫 Flying back to Berlin yesterday was a lot easier for us than flying to Greece in July. Not because anything really changed, but more that we had a better sense of what to expect and do. It helped that ours was the only flight to depart Thessaloniki at the hour, and that Munich wasn’t busy at all during our connection. Parts of the experience were downright pleasant, in fact, due to the lack of crowds.

👜 This might have been my final trip through Tegal. The new Berlin airport is due to open at the end of October and I don’t have plans for the next few months to fly. I won’t miss the long baggage wait times on arrival at TXL at all.

🙉 While it’s been really nice to be in Europe during the COVID crisis, there certainly is our share of denial here. Thousands turned out in Berlin last Saturday to protest coronavirus measures. A subset of extremists rushed the Reichstag, and I was sad to see reports from people I know staying inside to avoid getting beat up for wearing a mask.

👩‍💼 I wasn’t a fan when manager READMEs starting being a thing. I think that the tone of some of the ones I saw really put me off. The writers really came off sounding like arrogant jerks. Kelly Shalk’s README, however, has changed my mind. It especially helps with expectation setting in these days where we’re all working online. I also really like Reid Hoffman’s About Me document. I might just have to join in on this one.