Duncan Davidson
Thursday, September 3, 2020

Thursday snuck up again this week

⏲ Somehow, this week back to work after the summer break has really just leaked away – much in much the same manner as pretty much all the weeks have since COVID put the world in a strange place. I wonder if the flow of time will ever quite return back to normal.

🎁 GitHub Container Registry launched this week, improving how containers are handled in GitHub Packages. No matter what cloud a software team deploys to – Azure, AWS, or GCP – the combination of Actions, Packages, and Container Registry is an awesome force multiplier for development teams.

📹 I’m looking forward to if the Microsoft Video Authenticator helps catch deepfakes during this election season. The disinformation is thicker than ever this year and every bit that helps expose it is super helpful.

📧 I just got a notice that Oregon will be mailing ballots on September 19th. I’ve never stressed about getting my ballot in Berlin and then returning it until this year. Now, I’m super stressed over it. I’ve even started to wonder if sending it back to the states via FedEx or DHL is something that I should consider.

🧊 Chill. It’s all going to be ok. I keep telling myself that.