Duncan Davidson
Tuesday, September 8, 2020

5 for Tuesday

🏡 Working from home during pandemic is different than working from home. And working from home during pandemic with kids? Don’t even get me started. If I hear one more non-parent complain about having reached the end of Netflix… Some people without kids, however, aren’t so understanding and there’s growing resentment of parent employees during COVID-19.

🕗 If you have access to FT, I highly recommend James Suzman’s article The 300,000-year case for the 15-hour week:

We passed the thresholds Keynes argued would need to be met to achieve a “golden age of leisure” decades ago. Yet most of us now work longer hours than Keynes’s and Russell’s contemporaries did. And as automation and Covid-19 corrode the employment market, we remain fixated on finding new work for people to do — even if that work often seems to have no point other than to keep the wheels of commerce turning and pushing growth back into the black.

Of course, the pandemic gives us an opprotunity to completely reimagine how we structure our lives. Maybe we can find some ways to make it better in an among all the chaos we’re going through.

🔦 Meanwhile, back to the current moment: A new spotlight feature is coming to Microsoft Teams to let a presenter control what shows up in the main view for participants. Thank goodness. This is one feature that will make my working from home day nicer for sure.

📫 I love the idea of applying to a job with a HTTP POST request, like Maggie did and wrote about on Dev.to. I hope she gets the job.

🕵️‍♀️ One third of Germans believe in conspiracy theories as surveyed by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. “Living in east or west Germany, being young or old, or being male or female did not affect belief…” Voting for the far-right wing AfD party, however, did indicate that a respondant was prone to belief.

🤪 I’m not surprised, tho I think the causation probably goes the other way.