Duncan Davidson
Friday, September 11, 2020


Nineteen years ago, I was living in San Francisco and was woken up by the news of the attack in New York. My first thought was that the world would never be the same again and I imagined a dozen different ways the world would be impacted. None of them were even close to how it turned out.

🎥 Tribute in Light, made nine years ago with the help of several friends, remains one of my favorite short film projects. Fact: one of the slight pans in the film was actually caused by my camera slowly moving on the tripod because I hadn’t tightend one of the locks enough.

🛀 Quote of the day: “If someone tells you they want a government so small they can drown it in a bath tub], what they really mean is they don’t want a government powerful enough to protect civil rights or competent enough to deliver mail.” – @bdowney

The thing that the people behind 9/11 – and many others like them around the world who supported their actions – wanted more than anything was to get America to consume itself on fear and hate. They got what they wanted, unfortunately, and there’s very little time left to do anything about it.

53 days… You know what to do.