Duncan Davidson
Thursday, September 17, 2020


📲 iOS 14 is out. Finally, the updates to the home screen arrive, letting us put widgets on our screens and hideaway apps that we don’t use all the time into an App Center. I’m considering removing all the apps from my home screen and then adding back in just the ones I use often. It feels both kind of extreme and like it might be a cleansing experience.

📝 Everynote’s big rewrite has started shipping. The previous version of the application had grown into a mess that was preventing the company from shipping new features, a situation for which I have a lot of sympathy having been in a similar situation. Kudos to CEO Ian Small for making the hard call, and for seeing it all the way through. Now we get to see if it works out for them.

🔒 In the news from my day job department: Abnormal Security and Microsoft are partnering up to combat business email compromises. This is an outcome of a continuing the focus at Microsoft for Startups on providing promising business to business startups with benefits that go way beyond just credits.

🔥 Abrahm Lustgarden has been studying how climate change will influence global migration. What he didn’t expect was how fast he’d ask himself: Is it time to move?

🌏 Brennan Spellacy and his team have officially launched Patch, a platform for negative carbon emissions. The easy to use API reminds me a lot of the launch of Stripe, allowing you to estimate and offset emissions for a variety of use cases, such as shipping a package, right at the point you do it.

📅 47 days, y’all. Got your plan to vote? I’m still waiting on my ballot to arrive here in Beriln… and getting a bit stressed out. I’m definitely considering to use FedEx to send it back to the states.