Duncan Davidson
Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Enjoying a cuppa earlier today outside the Barn at Hackescher Markt in Berlin

60 Minutes goes inside the Lincoln Project’s campaign against Trump. A fascinating look into the group of long-time Republican political operatives that used to support John McCain and George W. Bush who now are campaigning to defeat Trump at any cost.

⛅ Did you know that you can run a carbon aware Kubernetes cluster? “Carbon intensity data for electrical grids around the world is available through APIs like WattTime. They provide a Marginal Operating Emissions Rate (MOER) value that represents the pounds of carbon emitted to create a megawatt of energy — the lower the MOER, the cleaner the energy.”

🏴‍☠️ No. Microsoft is not rebasing Windows to Linux, says Hayden Barnes. “Neither Windows nor Ubuntu are going anywhere. They are just going to keep getting better through open source. Each will play to their relative strengths. Just now with more open source collaboration than imaginable before.” After all, if two kernels can run so well together on the same system, why on Earth would you go through the hell of trying to port all the APIs in order to just run one?

📆 This morning, Katerina let me know that Tuesday the 13th in Greece is like Friday the 13th for Americans and Brits. Tuesday in general is thought to be dominated by Ares, the god of war and the fall of Constantinople on Tuesday April 13th, 1204 was considered a blow to Hellenism. Topping things off for Tuesday, Constantinople fell to the Ottomans on Tuesday May 29th, 1453. Yes, its the 29th, but if you add 1+4+5+3, you get 13. Anyway, now you know. You’re welcome.

📲 Oh hello iPhone 12 Pro Max. Better cameras with bigger sensors, LIDAR, and magnetic snap on accessories. Yes, please.