Duncan Davidson
Thursday, October 29, 2020

Stocking up, again

Toilet paper at DM

😷 Germany is tightening up again with new COVID-19 measures for a one-month partial lockdown. In the announcement, Chancellor Merkel said: “None of those of us who are in positions of political responsibility in our democracy ever wanted to have to come and confront our citizens with rules like these.”

👩‍🏫 About the only thing that will remain in “normal” operation in our day-to-day life here in Germany are the schools and kindergartens. I’m really nervous about that since at least one child in our school has been diagnosed recently. I’m really all in favor of keeping the kids at home as well.

💨 El País has a great article and set of graphics that explain the role of ventilation in reducing transmission. Keeping the windows open, even when it’s cold outside, seems prudent indeed. (via @DimtrisTzouris)

🤦‍♀️ I can’t believe that Trump is closing his re-election campaign with denial: “The president has continued to declare before large and largely maskless crowds that the virus is vanishing, even as case counts soar, fatalities climb, the stock market dips and a fresh outbreak grips the staff of Vice President Mike Pence.” Well, maybe I can believe it given everything else this administration has done, but I’m still stunned by the stupid.

📆 5 more days until the US election. I hope that if you’re American, you’ve been able to vote or that you’ve got your plan made to vote. Make your voice heard and help save democracy.