Duncan Davidson
Sunday, November 8, 2020

3 for Sunday

🗳 Trump proved that authoritarians can get elected in America. Zeynep Tufekci writes in The Atlantic: “Make no mistake: The attempt to harness Trumpism—without Trump, but with calculated, refined, and smarter political talent—is coming.”

👋 14 things we will lose as we usher the loser out. Joe Berkowitz in Fast Company: “We will lose the distrust of official government announcements. Each new dispatch from the White House or one of its departments will no longer be a wildly partisan and often antagonistic missive about Trump’s inherent greatness.”

⚙️ And now, let’s shift gears away from the election, at least for a moment…

🛫 #DankeTXL Today marks the last day for Berlin’s Tegal airport. It first opened in 1948 to support the Berlin Airlift with what was then the longest runway in Europe. When it wasn’t overcrowded, Tegal was a joy to fly from. From now on, we’ll be making the trek to the new airport: BER.