Duncan Davidson
Sunday, November 15, 2020
Wood fired pizza to-go in Mauerpark, Berlin • iPhone 12 Pro Max night mode

📲 My iPhone XS Pro Max arrived on Friday. By the time I unpacked it and set it up, it was after dark so I took it on a walk. I’m upgrading from an iPhone X and night mode on this new model is insane. It’s still no replacement for putting a bigger camera on a tripod and getting a long exposure — but then, the iPhone isn’t a bigger camera and it doesn’t need a tripod.

🦠 It’s time to hunker down. Zeynep Tufekci in The Atlantic: “We have reasons to celebrate, but—and you knew there was a but—a devastating surge is now under way. And worse, we are entering this dreadful period without the kind of leadership or preparation we need, and with baseline numbers that will make it difficult to avoid a dramatic rise in hospitalizations, deaths, and potential long-term effects on survivors.” (via Apple News)

🔐 Katerina and I have been talking a lot about the trend lines and watching the data here. It’s not as bad as in America, but Germany is also setting new records for new infections here. There’s been a slight flattening of the curve here, but it’s “not clear whether the perceived decline was linked to the partial lockdown or the fact laboratories doing COVID-19 testing have reached their limit.” More restrictions are probably coming, but whether they do or not, we’re going to be upping our own personal guard. Again.

😷 Stay safe. #WearAMask.