Duncan Davidson
Tuesday, November 24, 2020


Empty swings in Mauerpark

🎂 My dad was born 80 years ago today, and it’s been almost a year since he died. What a year. I’m so glad that we weren’t dealing with COVID-19 last year during the aftermath of his stroke when I was flying back and forth between Texas and Germany every few weeks. But, I’m so sad that he’s not here right now.

🪦 Unfortunately, COVID-19 has interfered with my family’s plans to have a proper memorial. His cremated remains are still sitting in a box, waiting to be delivered to his desired resting place. One of many things that are on pause during the pandemic. At least I could say good-bye in person the day he died before the current limbo, unlike so many who are losing loved ones this year.

🚗 As soon as it’s feasible, I’ll fly back to Texas, and we’ll have one last road trip to drive him to the garden where we’ll put his ashes to rest. I hope that will be in the spring, but only time will tell.

🗳 He would have been glad to hear today’s news that the formal transition process has finally started, and would have considered that a nice birthday present. He also wouldn’t have been surprised at all that: “Trump did not concede, and vowed to persist with efforts to change the vote, which have so far proved fruitless.”