Duncan Davidson
Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Kiddo flying a kite

🪁 Mr. 4 flew a kite for the first time this last weekend. The field we flew it in was part of the Berlin Wall and the markings you see in the grass, well, those give the location of tunnels that were dug under the wall so that people could escape to the West. No matter how long I live here, it never ceases to amaze me that such a place can be reclaimed and host happy moments.

🦠 We need every happy moment we can get right now. We got the announcement today that Germany will be in partial lockdown until December 20th at the earliest. “We have two messages for the people: firstly, thank you, but secondly, that the current restrictions will not be lifted.” said Merkel in a press conference. Schools are still open here, but there’s a lot of disagreement over that. I’m thankful that our kid is young enough that we can make the decision to keep him home on our own.

💻 My Apple Silicon M1 based MacBook Pro arrived yesterday. All the hype is justified. It’s amazing, and it’s really hard to beleive that this batch of laptops are the base level of the revamped hardware line up to come. Yes, there are considerations if you’re a developer who deploys to the cloud, but those will go away in short order.