Duncan Davidson
Thursday, November 5, 2020


🗽 Can you believe it? I can’t. It’s just what I expected, and yet so much worse. And we’re definitely not done yet.

❓ How are you doing? It’s ok to be not ok right now. Democrat, Republican, or Independent, we’re all biting our nails right now, all for our own reasons. For a country with two parties that are so close together on the political spectrum (center and center right), it’s incredible that there’s so much conflict and division in America that we’re on the edge of a social civil war, if not indeed a physical one.

⚫️ I’ve written and erased a few thousand words trying to put shape to my view of miasma we find our selves in. I haven’t succeeded yet. Something, something scientific versus magical thinking. Something, something fatal pugilistic partisanship. Something, something individual benefit versus social good. It’s all a mess in my head.

🦠 In good news, however, the connection to our possible COVID exposure tested negative. That means that we’re able to go from our total quarantine back to “lockdown light.”

🚀 Something else that I’m really excited about is that Senator-elect Mark Kelly hopes to bring some science to the Senate. “I think often what we find is that the people we elect are making decisions based on politics and partisanship, and not really looking at the underlying reasons. How did we come to these conclusions and these options?”

👏 More like this, please.