Duncan Davidson
Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Election Day

😢 Four years ago plus one day found me on my couch in a seriously poor place mentally — you probably know exactly what I was feeling. I lamented that just enough people in the right places turned up and gave us another President that didn’t win the popular vote. One that had no qualification for the job, as we’d soon find out, and much to our dismay.

🗽 Today, Americans vote for the future. Maybe Nilay Patel sums it up best by writing: “at the most basic level, what we are voting for is whether we want our leaders to do things or merely say they are doing things. Whether we are interested in competent, somewhat boring bureaucracy or a nonstop reality show that never follows through on its cliffhangers.“ (Apple News)

⛔️ No matter the outcome of today’s election, no matter when we find out what that outcome is, it’s likely going to be a shit show for a while. The scenes of American cities boarding up in preparation are frightening.

🙏 Still, I’m trying to cling to the hope that enough people show up in the right places to make sure that we get an American future worth having.

Whether you are nominally liberal or conservative, if you’re a card carrying member of the Republican or Democrat parties, no matter where on the political spectrum you are, I hope you can help ensure that we have another opportunity to have the political discussions we should be having. One where the people we put in office want government to succeed and they know why it’s important, they merely disagree on how to accomplish the task.