Duncan Davidson

Is this really our hypertext future?


This site goes to great length not to capture or store personal data of any kind. No analytics software is in use. No cookies are stored on your machine. No third-party font services—along with possible tracking by those services—are used. Also, SSL is used in the connection between your browser and the servers that provide this content.

If there’s a way I can be more conscious and respectful of your privacy in the operation of this website or if you find that this site is operating in a manner inconsistent with the statement above, please let me know.


Seriously? You don’t use analytics software to track usage on your site? Nope. Since I don’t sell advertising, I’ve decided that the only reason to monitor usage is to satisfy my ego. That’s not a good enough reason, so I’ve made a choice not to track.

Didn’t you used to use fonts served up by Adobe TypeKit or Hoefler & Co’s Typography.com? Yes, I used to. However, I’ve stopped both to reduce load times. As a side benefit, it eliminates any potential tracking via their services.

What about your server logs? Netlify, the service I use to host this site, doesn’t provide user access logs generated by requests to the services they manage on my behalf.